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You may be asking yourself, “Which company can I hire to help us produce an in-person graduation production but also have the technology to stream the video live online?” Good news, that’s us, and yes we are a vetted NYCDOE vendor! For over 13 years we have done everything from intimate ten person events to events in the tens of thousands. We understand that schools may need assistance with an outdoor or indoor team to bring an idea to life. The In-Person/ Hybrid Graduation option with us can be customized for any sized show. It can also be staggered across multiple sessions to observe any social distancing guidelines. Let’s set up a time to discuss how we can help you. You can request a quote by clicking below

In-Person/ Hybrid Process Video

How We Can Help You


The execution of exceptional live events comes down to organized discovery, planning, and the details within the conversations we share with your school. We pride ourselves as leaders in bringing the clarity to big ideas and developing a plan to bring it to life. When you partner with us for your in-person events, you have a team that understands precisely what you are looking for, always striving to meet and exceed your expectations.

Video & Streaming

We have all the in-person elements ready for your guests to experience the show, but what about all the people who want to watch virtually? Great question. That’s where our hybrid virtual graduation technology comes in. Our multi-camera setup team blended with the equipment we have in-person allows us to send what is happening live, over the internet, to your guests that are viewing remotely. We record the show and bundle it up in a finished product for you to share with everyone later as a keepsake.


With the right audio system, you can immerse your guests with powerful speeches, impactful musical enhancements, and reinforcement of some of life’s most important milestones for your graduates. Words from VIPs and students need to be a quality that represents your school with professionalism. The same sound system ties into our virtual streaming platform so guests at home can have a pleasant audio experience as well – regardless if they are using a phone, tablet, or computer.


Whether on a modest or larger budget, we have enhancements of all types to bring more dynamics to the final product of your school’s graduation.


Outdoor videos and camera angles can be shared with your guests in-person on these high-quality displays. These LED Walls are perfect for schools that want to play videos and supporting visuals for guests in-person.


Staging that is front and center and elevated is normally a big focal point of graduation. We can help your school by providing a stage, podium, and other upgrades.


We recognize that each school may have a unique need based on their in-person/ hybrid event. We welcome a conversation to see if we can help you with other events production services.

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